Tactical Arbitrage Price Plan Update Terms & Conditions

Tactical Arbitrage Price Plan Update Terms & Conditions2024-04-06T15:37:36+00:00

Effective April 10, 2024, Tactical Arbitrage will be transitioning to a new pricing structure. The key terms of this update are as follows:


Existing Customers:

  1. All existing Tactical Arbitrage customers will automatically be moved to the new price plan with no scan minute limits, effective April 10, 2024.
  2. Existing customers will be able to keep their current pricing when moved to the new plan.
  3. Customers may choose to remain on their current plan with scan minute limits by contacting Tactical Arbitrage customer support and follow the steps before July 10, 2024.
    1. If the customer wishes to switch to the new plan later, they will be required to pay the listed pricing.


Special Discounts:

  1. Existing customers who signed up before February 24, 2024 are eligible for a US$100 discount on the annual Tactical Arbitrage Pro plan.
  2. Customers who had an active paying subscription and left the platform between July 20, 2022 and 31 December 2023 are eligible for a 1-month discount if they resubscribe to an annual plan.
  3. All discounted pricing is tied to the customer’s current active subscription. Any changes made to the subscription, including but not limited to cancellation, upgrade or downgrade, will result in the loss of the discount.


Discount Expiration:

  1. All discounts and special offers related to this Tactical Arbitrage pricing update are only valid until July 10, 2024.


General Terms:

  1. Pricing, plans and product features are subject to change without prior notice.
  2. Tactical Arbitrage reserves the right to modify or discontinue any pricing plan or discount at any time.
  3. Prorated refunds are not available for plan changes or cancellations.
  4. Customers are responsible for understanding and complying with the latest Tactical Arbitrage terms of service.
  5. Discount does not apply to taxes, fees, or any other charges.
  6. Each discount can only be used once per customer.


If you have any questions or need assistance with your Tactical Arbitrage subscription, please contact our customer support team.