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As of July 20, 2022, all subscriptions include a base 40K minutes of scan capacity per billing month.

Users can increase monthly capacity by going to Settings → Account → Change Membership and selecting a new monthly Max Capacity. Price per month for additional minutes are:

  • $20 per 10K minutes between 40K and 100K minutes
  • $15 per 10K minutes for above 100K minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my minutes?
Your monthly usage is tallied under Settings→ Account → Change Membership. You can also track minutes used per scan in the Search Manager. For tips on managing your usage, see HERE.

How quickly will additional capacity be available?
The extra scanning capacity will be available immediately upon purchase. The additional minutes will expire at the end of your current billing month and will reset alongside the base 40K minutes at the start of the new billing period.

How will I be billed?
Payment for additional minutes will be collected at the point of purchase. The price will be prorated to reflect the time remaining on your current billing month. Monthly subscribers will then be billed the full fee along with the regular base subscription fee at the start of each billing month. Annual subscribers will be charged just the fee for the additional minutes at the start of each billing month.

Can I reduce Max Capacity?
Yes, although not below 40K minutes. Reduced capacity will be effective at the start of your next billing month.

Will changing Max Capacity impact future months?
Yes. The Max Capacity you select will be presumed for future months.

Why do we charge for extra scanning capacity?
We are proud of our best-in-class arbitrage system and remain dedicated to making TA an even more robust tool for online sellers. As our features, functions, and supported domains increase and improve, we must continue to invest in our technical infrastructure. This change to the subscription model will enable prices to adjust in parallel with usage, ensuring that each user is dedicated enough resources to power their scans.